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Fritz Phyto2 8oz

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FM 09601
  • Species-specific packaging: multiple bottles of single species micro-algae
  • Aquaculture quality
  • Now amino-enriched
  • Longer shelf life and no foul smell
  • No preservatives; only fresh clean micro-algae

PHYTO2. The bio-diversity of multiple species with the advantages of monoculture with the convenience of one pack. PHYTO2 Multi-Packs are our most popular reef aquarium supplement. PHYTO2 is a nutritious planktonic feed designed by marine scientists to fulfill the natural food cycle of the sea within your aquarium. Containing lab cultured microalgae cells harvested at their highest nutritional value, PHYTO2 provides a natural and nutritious food source for copepods, amphipods, coral and clams. PHYTO2 is the only retail available monoculture featuring species specific strains of Tetraselmi, Isochrysis, Nannochloropsis, Specie diversity and live cells are the key to supporting the demands of the new captive reef which features coral from around the world and a need for tight nutrient control. Species specific packaging - multiple bottles of single species microalgae. Aquaculture quality. Live cells. Longer shelf life and no foul smell. No preservatives, only fresh clean microalgae.

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SKU FM 09601
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