Aqua-Tech Co. begins research into hygenic and beauty care products


Aqua-Tech has begun research in the use of antioxidant components contained within micro-algae and macro-alga. "A new horizon of human health lies within the seas most prolific organisms" says company representative. Utilizing organic materials and mediums Aqua-Tech Co. intends to research the infusion of the most powerful antioxidants known, that lie inside the oceans fastest growing life forms. Extracts from micro and macro algae can be infused into soaps, lotions and creme's. Antioxidants such as as astaxanthin have long been known for their probiotic characteristics and naturally occurs in it's highest levels in micro-algae.

Looking to improve health and life of humans and aquarium specimens naturally with compounds that naturally occurs in the sea is an integral part of Aqua-Tech Co.'s mission. Delving into the realm of human supplementation is a natural progression as a company that makes a differences.