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Why Aqua-Tech Co.



Aqua-Tech Co. does NOT sell to, or manufacture for big box stores. Our products and the lines we carry cannot be found at the mega sellers. The aquatic industry is a niche industry, best catered to by passionate, knowledgeable, independent purveyors. The independent aquatic dealer understands customers needs and is genuinely vested in an aquarists success. Aqua-Tech Co. will empower your independent outlet through products through three rules that guide our decisions.

1. Can a customer walk out of an independent dealer and go around the corner and buy the line cheaper on the internet or through a big box. If so, we don't carry the line.

MAP pricing and our programs ensure dealers always have the advantage so they can best support customers.

2. Do we, Aqua-Tech Co., as hobbyists believe in and use the product. When dealing with Aqua-Tech Co. you will receive honest, and candid information. With over 35 years of combined industry experience our staff knows what works and what the aquarium hobbyist needs and wants. If we don't believe in a product or a line, we cannot effectively sell it and make the dealer successful. We personally use and test every product, and employees are encouraged to take product home and use them so they too can stand behind what we sell.

3. Can a store earn enough margin to succeed. If the dealer cannot make the profits needed to be open, available and in good shape to be the local resource for the hobbyist, then we should not be putting it on their shelves. We at Aqua-Tech Co. work hard to source and negotiate the best pricing on our dealers behalf. We do not sell to our retail partners. We sell through them! Our business depends on our network of dealers to be able to effectively sell products we make or represent.

Your supply partner

Our mission is bringing the balance of the sea to more terrestrial realms and into business. Our dealers success is vital to ours. Stop buying from your competitor who sells online. Stop being treated like you don't matter because you don't sell huge amounts of dog and cat food. Start protecting your business and partnering with someone with your best interest in mind. It's a new business in aquatics and Aqua-Tech Co. is here to help you succeed.

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